Palliative Care

The Supportive Care Program provides palliative care and disease management. Currently available in Hyderabad, Telangana, this program is aimed at helping individuals living with a chronic illnesses such as cancer, COPD, congestive heart failure, multiple sclerosis, end-stage renal disease and dementia achieve the best possible quality of life.

Maintaining comfort, controlling symptoms and limiting or preventing the need for hospital readmissions are the goals of Supportive Care. Quality of life is key, and individualized attention is at the heart of every care plan.

Supportive care includes:

  • Start up consultation with a physician, the patient and their family to:
    • Assess individual health and care needs
    • Discuss overall health and long term care goals
    • Establish care expectations based on patient’s specific medical needs
    • Assist in creating an advance care plan to determine long term goals
    • Explain the three-tiered care plan (stabilization, rehabilitation and natural decline) for a clear understanding of current diseases
  • Guidance in understanding and completing medically appropriate Do Not Resuscitate (DNR) and Physicians Orders.
  • Personalized care plan development
  • Updates to primary care provider and other specialists
  • 24/7 telephone support
  • Monthly nurse practitioner visits



CareinLife Team 

CareinLife team members are chosen to bring special qualities that are beyond any required training or certification – compassion and understanding that each life is unique and dignity is sacred.

Nothing can take away the pain that comes with having a loved one at the end of their life’s journey, but a caring, understanding hospice team can make things easier. By providing personalized medical, social and spiritual care, our hospice team gives patients a chance to experience life to the fullest and allow their families a chance to create cherished memories.

  • Attending Physician: Oversees medical care and prescriptions to manage pain and symptoms (may also be the medical director)
  • Hospice Medical Directors: Liaison between the attending physician, patient and family who also provides information and insight into the patient’s needs
  • Social Worker: Advises patients and families when needed, develops and integrated care plan based on emotional, physical, social and financial needs, and assists with bereavement support after a loved one has passed
  • Spiritual Counselor: Draws on the beliefs and values of patients and families to cope with the spiritual aspects of illness and loss. Can assist with specific religious needs and lead memorial services
  • Volunteers: Offer support for all non-medical needs such as providing companionship and socialization, running errands and assisting with family needs.
  • Hospice Aides (CNA/CHHA): Provide personal care to each patient, reports any changes in need and offers comfort measures as directed
  • Case Manager: Responsible for coordinating all aspects of the integrated plan for patient care while overseeing symptom control, pain management and as-needed administering of medications
  • Support Team: Various staff and volunteers with roles ranging from companionship and spiritual support to special programs like Vishnu-duttas and celebration of life.
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